The idea is to open up our view, not to fixate on anything,
not to try to hold on to anything.

A.H Almaas


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New group DAA7 - Solid Ground: A retreat on Essential Will

Thu-18-October-2018 9:00 am - Mon-22-October-2018 17:00 pm
Chevalier Resource Centre
Chevalier Resource Centre
2 Roma Ave, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

For people looking to join a Diamond Approach group for ongoing exploration of the Diamond Approach. 
DAA will continue to accept new registrations for DAA7 ongoing until the group closes.

Topic: Solid Ground: A retreat on Essential Will

Everyones looking for solid ground. When the foundations get shaky and our centre won't hold, we can find ourselves feeling foggy or confused, unable to find our footing. Or we might compulsively control our experience, seeking a firm foundation in fixed positions, endless efforting, or procrastination.
All this points to a need for real Will, the radical inner reality that enables us to find our true ground in the immediacy of the moment. With true Will, we respond flexibly; we are decisive, resilient and unshakeably real. It gives us the determination and the persistence needed to traverse the inner journey and live a real life.
Join us for this experiential teaching on finding your true inner support.